Pre-Professional Programs

The Applied Biology option in the Agricultural Biology major is designed to serve as a pre-professional degree program. It prepares students for admission to medical schools, veterinary schools, and other professional programs such as dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, and various graduate programs in the biological sciences. In contrast to many pre-med or pre-vet programs, the Applied Biology program also provides a foundation in an applied field of biology that will prepare a student for a rewarding career in science should they choose not to pursue professional or graduate school upon graduation.

What is the purpose of a pre-professional degree? Simply put, a pre-professional degree is just a baccalaureate degree that satisfies the undergraduate requirements for a professional degree program. Some professions, particularly those that require licensing to practice in the field, require a professional degree in order to obtain licensure. These professional programs are also called first professional degrees. Professional degrees are considered graduate-level programs in the U.S. system because they require prior undergraduate studies, but they are in fact “first” degrees in these professional subjects. Further specialization may require additional graduate education after professional school.