Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Philip Banks, Ph.D.

Image of Dr. Philip Banks, Ph.D.

Certified Professional Weed Scientist and Certified Professional Agronomist Work Phone: (575) 527-8853 E-mail:

Max Bleiweiss

Image of Max Bleiweiss

Agricultural Research Specialist
Work Phone: (575) 646-1367
Office: Skeen Hall, Room N237

Dr. John R. Leeper, Ph.D.

Image of Dr. John R. Leeper, Ph.D.

Rice and Tropical Agricultural Consulting, LLC.
Work Phone: (901) 484-6064
Office: By appointment

Dr. Leigh Murray, Ph.D.

Image of Dr. Leigh Murray, Ph.D.

Professor, Statistical Consulting Laboratory Director (KSU)
Work Phone: (785) 532-0515
Fax: (785) 532-7736

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Dr. Merrill H. Sweet, II Ph.D.

Image of Dr. Merrill H. Sweet, II Ph.D.

Work Phone: (575) 646-3225
Fax: (979) 845-3347
Office: Skeen Hall, Room 240

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