Are you wondering where you fit in, or what your major will be?

  • Are you excited about the life sciences?
  • Would you enjoy using biological skills and knowledge in a hands-on field of study?

If so, then a major in Agricultural Biology may be right for you!

The Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science department is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists and teachers whose mission is to provide academic instruction, research and service that focuses on managing pests in semi-arid ecosystems. The strength of the department is the interaction of these disciplines in understanding the biology of pest organisms, their interactions, and how pests impact urban, agricultural and natural resources. The teaching and research emphasis of the department is on problem-solving. The department teaches integrated biology so students can understand and manage current and emerging issues in plant and animal health and protection, using tools from molecular to landscape scales.

Many of our graduates with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Biology will pursue advanced degrees in the sciences or prepare for admittance to professional schools (medical, dental, etc.). A diverse undergraduate degree program is offered with four separate options that allow students to tailor their program for careers in the commercial sector, such as agricultural consulting and pest management or for careers with county, state, or federal agencies as research technicians, land managers, extension agents and more. Our graduate degrees in Agricultural Biology prepare students for careers with government agencies, academic research, and industry.